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The energy you keep using to get someone else’s attention, you should be using to start loving yourself. Because that right there tells you how little you are loving yourself.

You’re more focused on this other person you’ve forgotten about you. You have forgotten that you too matter. That your happiness also matters, and it has nothing to do with this other person. Your general wellness can’t depend on this person choosing you.

And let me tell you, you won’t be happy with them, if you can’t be happy alone. You keep thinking that maybe when you get them, then…

My only hope for you this 2021 is for you to be brave enough to choose you.

Retrieved from: Pinterest
  1. Find healthy ways to deal with the emotional turmoils you experience when shit hits the fan.
  2. Stop trying so hard to hold people accountable for their actions and behaviors. Learn to hold yourself accountable instead, for the roll you play in their lives and the things you are allowing.
  3. Learn to acknowledge your triggers; the things that make you feel bad and make you reactive. Work upon that. Inner work is not easy but it is definitely worth it.
  4. Don’t do them like they did to you; don’t hold grudges. Learn to say “we good. …

“She has known pain and it made her kind. She has known brokenness and it made her whole.” -Sofia


This are the words from the about section in my website. I thought I should share here. 🤎

When life shakes you to your core, you have two options; you either let that grow you or break you. When grief takes you to your knees, and you’re face to face with the parts of you that say you won’t make it through, you hold yourself tightly and trust that this period of your life has something to teach you. And that you’ll make it to the other side.

High She Flies came to life after a really dark time in…

The Universe will give you the chances you need to realize it is time to choose you. To vibrate higher. To remember who you are and let go of those who keep you from becoming who you were born to be.

Retrieved from Instagram | Portrayal by: Sofia

Understand that at a quick glance you are the company you keep. You are the people you surround yourself with. The people around you, ARE a reflection of you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re one of them. But it does mean that these people are clearly mirroring to you the areas of your life you are yet to heal and work on.

Until you are ready to vibrate higher, you’ll keep attracting and surrounding yourself with people like this. Or going through the same ‘situations’ just different faces.

I am not going to dive into the whole “high vibrational”…

We can’t assume that someone else’s experience has been way easier than ours; chances are some of us have met pain first hand, we just don’t go around telling every person we meet

Just like I have good days I have hard ones. This week has been one of the hard ones. So many emotions I didn’t know where still there came up for me. Even after we’ve healed and we’ve come a long way on our healing journey we can still fall down, and hard. We can still recall the moment that brought us to our knees.

The cherry to the cake was yesterday; as I’m going through these roller coaster of emotions, trying to process them, and the whole shebang it takes; someone felt it was ok to voice their opinion…

Letting go is simply understanding that by not doing it, we are in reality more attached to the source of our pain, than we would be if were to let go of whatever happened.

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This is a post I made on instagram to remind myself that while it is true, anger serves a purpose short-term, it’s not always beneficial to my mental health.

Anger can pushes us to do or act upon things we wouldn’t do otherwise but when we stay in that mental state for longer than we should; or when we are intentionally choosing to stay angry towards someone, resentment starts to pile up.

And here’s the thing, being or choosing to stay angry or resentful towards someone, is like drinking poison and hoping the other person to die. …

We can and we should accept our painful stories into our lives, without becoming these stories entirely.

Original picture retrieved from: Pinterest | Portrayal made by: Sofia

We need to learn that allowing ourselves to feel bad, even when it’s hard, it’s actually a good thing.

Because truth is even when positive emotions are more pleasant, there are far greater gifts on the other side of the emotional spectrum.

It’s in our human nature to deny our so called negative feelings and emotions, for this notion that they can sometimes feel threatening. And they certainly can. Our brain is wired to self-protect from anything that seems threatening. So when we are experiencing uncomfortable or unsettling emotional states, the survival function of our human brain will most likely make us run the other way, in order to keep us “safe”.

Most of us were not taught that…


she’s made out of hard inner work, deep healing and radical self-love; you can’t break a woman like that | instagram:

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